Legal and Technical Information – Update March 2017

WAiS Engaging Your Own Supports legal information booklet continues to be in high demand. It is being sought by people and families, service providers and Local Coordinators.  Many Local Coordinators are providing the resource to people they support who are choosing self-management.


WAiS has finalised advice from KPMG on the use of the Statement by Supplier form for contractors. We are currently extracting the most pertinent pieces of advice for members’ reference.  We also continue to retain the legal services of Capital Legal for industrial relations matters and people who directly engage their own workers.  WAiS is happy to refer any person or family member who has an industrial relations related concern, please contact Su-Hsien Lee.


Su-Hsien Lee

Director, Policy Reform & Engagement



This update forms part of our quarterly E Bulletin.  To read the full E Bulletin please click on the links below.

PDF – WAiS E Bulletin MARCH 2017 FINAL

Text – WAiS E Bulletin MARCH 2017 FINAL