CEO Update to WAiS Members – March 2017


Hello to you all again! Boy does time fly at the moment, and how things can change so quickly!

Given the current context of the NDIS, I thought it was important to talk about a few things.

We are experiencing an unprecedented transformative period in our disability sector with the rollout of the NDIS and with the more recent announcement of the bilateral for the WA NDIS. There are high levels of emotion surrounding this latter decision.  People have asked WAiS recently what our role is, in particular, for people with disability and their families in this time of change.

WAiS role over the last few years has primarily been focused on supporting people and families in both the Federal NDIS and WA NDIS trial sites, as well as across WA, in wide ranging ways, always with an aim of promoting and advancing self-directed, individualised services. With our experience and understanding from supporting people and families, WAiS has been able to provide strategic advice to both the NDIA (state and national) and DSC about policy, implementation and practice of the schemes.

WAiS stands by the NDIS – across Australia – to be a system that works well for the people who access it.   WAiS intent is to support people and families understand, design, develop, and sustain, their own individualised, self-directed supports and services.

In this context, we will continue to provide information, support and guidance to people across Western Australia, who are in the NDIS system (state or federal) and those yet to transition. We will continue to provide information and examples of where the practical implementation of the scheme is working, and not working for people, to whomever the governing bodies are and to whomever seeks our advice. 

WAiS will also provide strategic advice to contribute to continuous improvements to the disability support system that exists for people to ensure that, whatever system is in existence, becomes the best system possible supporting people to live lives of their choosing with supports that respond to and meet their needs.

There are more times of significant change ahead, and I hope that the NDIS, continues to be developed (in all of our states) in a way that reflects what people want and need to live their life.

Leanne Pearman

Chief Executive Officer



This update forms part of our quarterly E Bulletin.  To read the full E Bulletin please click on the links below.

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