Welcome Marguerite “Maggie” Visser (Staff profile) – Update March 2017

Hi everyone, Thanks for welcoming me to WAiS! A little bit about me …I was born in South Africa.  I have a teaching background and my husband and I moved to England where we lived for a few years before immigrating to WA in 2003.

We have four children and my son has Autism and is uniquely verbal. I also have a sister with an intellectual disability. Our family has been part of the Developmental Disability WA (DDWA) Side by Side project and have exited from the positive behaviour support programme.

In 2015 I was an auditor for the complex communication needs course at ECU. I work part time as an individual advocate for People with Disabilities WA and part time for WA’s Individualised Services as an Individualised Services Advisor.

I feel honoured to be working in the disability sector as I am passionate about supporting people. It is a pleasure to be working within a community organisation that is focused on positive outcomes for people with disabilities and their families.  I look forward to meeting you!

Maggie Visser

Individualised Services Advisor

E: m.visser@waindividualisedservices.org.au

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