Perth – Culture of Gentleness and Gift Recognition – Shelley Nessman and Sheldon Schwitek

Come and spend some time with our WAiS friends from across the world – Shelley Nessman and Sheldon Schwitek


Thursday 2 November 2017 – Introduction to a Culture of Gentleness

Everyone needs to feel safe and valued!  In this workshop you will develop an understanding of:

  • what is a Culture of Gentleness and what can undermine this
  • how positive supports can lead to relationships that are both compassionate and encouraging
  • how to develop supportive relationships that reduce challenges and allow healing and growth
  • what strategies lead others to feel safer and more valued
  • how a person’s trauma history can influence their behaviour,
  • how to plan proactively to reduce stress and challenges, and
  • the value of supporting everyone involved in a person’s life.

This workshop is for both people who receive or provide support.

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Friday 3 November 2017 – The Art of Gift Recognition

Everyone has intrinsic gifts, skills and capacities however they are not always recognised by people themselves or by others.  This workshop is designed to support people to begin to explore what their gifts might be and to start planning for a life that recognises and supports the expression of these gifts.  Questions asked include:

  • what are the contributions you want to make?
  • what are the gifts you came here to express?

Supporting people to express their gifts is the heart of the work!  When we are focused on how a person expresses their gifts, everyone’s lives are more vibrant!

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WAiS Members                                $  40 One Day or $  80 Both Days

Non Members                                  $  80 One Day or $160 Both Days

Individuals/Family Members         $  15 One Day or $  30 Both Days

Includes morning tea and lunch

WHERE:                                Trinity Conference Centre, 230 Hampden Road, Crawley

Bus and Parking information will be emailed to attendees

INFO:                                      Mary Butterworth 9485 1997 (Monday & Thursday) or

Shelley Nessman’s passion is supporting people to discover, nurture and share their gifts, skills, and abilities.  Her experience as a facilitator and planner has helped her to understand that when a person and their network combine their dreams with a plan for action – anything is possible!  Throughout her career, Shelley’s had the best of teachers, including people who experience disability with whom she has shared her home.  Shelley has studied Dialogue and Civic Engagement at Simon Fraser University, and worked as a Self Advocate advisor for Community Living British Columbia, and more recently for Spectrum Consulting.

Sheldon Schwitek has been supporting individuals with complex behavioural needs in the United States and in Canada for almost three decades. For almost ten years, he worked closely with Judith Snow, a pioneer in developing circles of supports and helping to identify ways that others could discover their gifts and make contributions to their communities.  During the last decade, Sheldon’s work has been associated with The Center for Positive Living Supports in Michigan. The focus of The Center’s work on the importance of relationships was a perfect fit for how Sheldon approached the issues surrounding those who are most at risk of being excluded.  Sheldon’s wish is to bring his broad experience to bear in helping organizations and teams provide the best individualized supports to those who present significant challenges to those who provide assistance. He believes that with intentional support, anyone can thrive in a community.