NDIS Information Session- Langford Aboriginal Association

Let’s have a yarn to help you get clear about the NDIS and what it means for you

and your family. We will give you the latest information we have about the transition
and rollout of the NDIS across WA. Bring your family, friends and questions.

Planning is an important part of the NDIS. Before you start the planning process, it can be helpful
to prepare so you don’t miss important things that could be included in your plan. In this workshop,
WAIS will explain what you could think about beforehand to prepare for the planning process.
Being prepared can help you feel more confident that the plan will better provide what it is that you
or your family member wants or needs.

This event is presented by WAiS (WA’s Individualised Services) and has been supported by the
Department of Communities, Disability Services (formerly Disability Services Commission) with
Information, Linkages and Capacity Building grants.

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