The Lives We Lead is a social media project to influence the community to better understand the contributions that people with disability are making economically, socially, culturally and politically.

The project captures up to twenty video and photo stories of people with disability going about their lives achieving ordinary and extraordinary things.

A reference group of people with disability use a co-design approach to curate their stories.


“Great stories happen to those who can tell them.”

Ira Glass, author, journalist, host of This American Life


Dive in.  Enjoy.  Be provoked.  Get thoughtful.  Share these stories.  Start a conversation.


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For the culmination of this project we are holding a gala ball event on Tuesday 3rd of December at Beaumonde On The Point. This will be an opportunity to get people who wouldn't typically get to meet The Lives We Lead storytellers to see and hear from them. It will be a night filled with good food and even better company. For more details and to purchase tickets click here.


I’ve been a musician all my life.

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Naomi’s Video Story

I love my chickens and I like looking after them.

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I love my life.

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It’s become important to me that I make some sort of contribution to the planet.

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Jos’s Video Story

We now have a beautiful daughter.

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Being a mum with a disability is incredibly fulfilling and challenging, all at the same time.

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I’m a yoga teacher.

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My art has been exhibited in galleries across Australia.

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Brendo’s Video Story

I’ve got lots going on in my life and that’s the way I like it.

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About a year ago, I decided to get fit and tone up.

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I’m starting a Masters in Journalism.

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Alice’s Video Story

In three years I want to go to the best UK university I can possibly get into with my school grades.

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These days I choose to own my disability and be proud of what it means to me.

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Qualifying as a personal trainer is my biggest achievement.

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This year I walked about thirty kilometres in ten and a half hours.

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I’m the founder of Crobs’ Coffee and Chess.

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I’m still the youngest swimmer to win individual gold after 55 years.

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I volunteered at Supanova for the first time ever, it was so good. 

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From the first-time I arrived to the Joondanna neighbourhood, it triggered the sense of returning home.

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Immy’s Video Story

I knew I found my new home from the moment I pulled up the driveway.

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I love game days. I love getting goals a lot.  I try my best. . .

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Jethro’s Video Story

When I get a new student group, I’m always interested in their background stories, like ‘Why are they here now?’

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This really is such a great workplace.

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Ever since I was little, I was never afraid to go up to anything or anyone and feel them to get an idea of what they looked like.

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Emma’s Video Story

I’ve wanted to be a massage therapist since I was 17.

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Shane’s Video Story

I keep it really clean, and I have my things just how like them.

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I had some friends who lived in their own place.

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When it comes to my advocacy and educating about Deaf culture, our history, our language, I believe in compassion first of all.

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Laura’s Video Story

If you give to a community, the community gives back.

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Movement has always been important for me.

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Kathryn’s Video Story

I have learnt to stand up against people who had low expectations of me.

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Nang’s Video Story

My achievement is that anything I do, I give it 100% focus.

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I never throw in the towel until I’m satisfied or I’ve lost interest.

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Image is of Grace


I love performing and I like to make people feel good.

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The image is of Grace - to represent the page's video story is of Grace

Grace’s Video Story

I’m a performer. I love the arts.

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