WAiS Associates

The WAiS Associates are individuals within our local, national and international community who have partnered with WAiS to offer their expertise, skills and knowledge across a range of areas within Individualised Self- Directed Supports and Services, and whom can be contracted by individuals and organisations, through WAiS to deliver tailored mentoring, coaching, presentations and workshops.

Information about our Associates can be found below.  For more information and to make a request, please Contact WAiS.

Kate Fulton

1185782_455783101185611_1118237090_n    Find out more about Kate here:

Heather Simmons

1013415_10202063932594171_1458097182_n      Find out more about Heather here:

John Armstrong

screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-5-07-04-pm        Find out more about John here.




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