Self- Direction

Self-direction is about people being in control of their lives and the supports they may want and/or need to live their life.


The term ‘self-directed services’ describes a broad approach to developing supports based on people having control over the planning and delivery of services. This contrasts with the traditional service delivery model whereby service providers fit people into what services they offer.  It re-casts people from passive consumers or clients of services into active directors of their support arrangements.

Self Direction is not about people ‘doing all’ in relation to their supports and services. It is about people being able to guide their supports and services to be designed (by themselves or with others) in relation to what makes the most sense for THEM.

It is about genuinely listening to people, hearing what is most important to them, hearing what would make a difference to their lives, and standing alongside, and taking action with them, in whatever way they want and/or need.

If you’re going to work with me, you have to listen to me. And you  can’t just listen with your ears, or it will go to your head too fast. You have  to listen with your whole body. If you listen slow, with your whole self,  some of what I say will enter your heart.
Christine Mayer

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