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Engaging Your Own Supports

These resources are for people who:

  • live in WA; and
  • have chosen to hire their own support workers to provide them with supports and services.

They were written to explain important information that people need to understand about the law.

Please do not refer to these resources if you don’t live in WA. The information about Industrial Relations, Workers Compensation and Health and Safety is only related to the law in WA.

The information in these resources is only a guide and general in nature. You shouldn’t take it as legal advice. If you would like any further information or support, please contact us. If you need legal advice, you can see your lawyer.

Use the links below to download the resources you need. Plain Language and Easy Read versions are also available.

Sample Employment Contracts

If you are directly employing your support workers and looking for sample employment contracts, please contact WAiS.  We have text employment contract samples for casual employees and part time/full time employees.  Please note: these are for employers and employees who fall under the WA State Industrial Relations system.

WAiS has been working in partnership with UWA, as part of a research project developing ‘Comic Contracts’.  This project is being overseen by UWA Professor Camilla Baasch Andersen. The idea of Comic Contracts is to use images, or even comic strips, in legal contracts to make them easier to understand and more inviting to people to read.  These Comic Contracts have attracted interest all over the world, in the business and corporate sectors. Needless to say, this is actually a very challenging idea to many lawyers! The research project has been sponsored by a variety of organisations, including an international engineering company.

WAiS wanted to explore with UWA, how this business and corporate comic contract approach could work in the disability and human services sector.  We are very excited to announce that we now also have two visual contracts for people who are directly engaging their own supports, as an alternative to written text contracts.  Again, these are employment contracts (casual and part time/full time) for people who are directly employing their own support workers to use and based on the WA State Industrial Relations system.  If you would like a copy of these visual contracts, please contact WAiS.

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