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Individualised Services

Individualised Services are about people living good lives that include the things that matter to all of us, such as:

  • good relationships
  • feeling like we belong
  • contributing to our home
  • working
  • being part of a community
  • being respected and valued.
  • Individualised Services are led and designed by the person and their allies, so the person’s culture, choice and values are shown in those services.

    Principles of Individualised Services

    1. Individual Focus

    The services are highly individualised and support the person to live their life the way they choose.

    2. Personalised Planning

    The person’s voice is at the centre of the design and planning process. As much as possible, it’s also supported by those who know the person well and care the most about them.

    3. Reflects the Person

    The services reflect the person’s:                                              

    • needs
    • living arrangements and lifestyle
    • preferences
    • values
    • culture
    • dreams and goals.
    4. Typical Life

    The services reflect a normal life where the person does the ordinary things that other people do in their homes and the community.

    5. Personal Development

    The services help the person grow in areas such as:

    • speaking up for themselves or having people speak up for them
    • being independent
    • being in control of their own life
    • the skills they need
    • important roles they have at home and in the community
    6. Personal Control

    The person and the people closest to them direct the services.

    7. Enhances Natural Supports

    The services match the supports the person gets from family, friends, neighbours, community groups and advocates. It can even make them better

    8. Ensures Flexibility

    The services are flexible. They change when the person’s life or circumstances change.

    Individualised Services make sure people are not grouped together because:

    • they have a similar disability
    • it’s easier to run the service
    • it makes the service more cost-effective.
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