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Be a Boss

Are you already self managing but still not quite sure about everything?

Or, are you thinking about self managing and need to understand what is involved?

You may be feeling that's it's too complex or wondering whether it’s actually possible to self manage and hire your own workers successfully. You may also be worried that you will do things wrong, end up hiring the wrong workers or having problems with the people you hire.  Or, you may  have lots of questions but don't know how to get them answered.

This online course has been developed to help you feel more confident and knowledgeable when hiring your own workers.

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This online resource will assist you to:

Identify your reasons for finding, hiring and managing workers.
Recognise the legal areas you need to consider.
Feel more confident about finding good workers.
Be better able to decide between employee or contractor.
Understand your obligations if you have an employee or a contractor.
Be more confident about training and managing your team.
Better ensure you or your loved one remains safe.
Know where to get more information.

Why I self manage?


I self manage because the benefits outweigh the stresses.  The best way you can do it is get connected, be honest, talk about the issues you are having and see what other people are doing.


~ Peter

What you will find:

The Be a Boss course is divided into different modules for you to choose from.  In each module you will find:

  1. Video tutorials; and
  2. A workbook

Together, these will provide you with useful information and an opportunity to write down the main points and any decisions on what you need to do.

You will also find some extra videos, many by self-managers, that you might like to also watch.  And, also lots of extra written resources that could assist you with Being a Boss!

Please note - you do not have to do the entire course. You are welcome to pick and choose whatever is of interest to you.


Guest presenters

Carolyn Campbell-McLean
Caterina Ponzio
Davina Paul
Grace Kelly
Hope Leet Dittmeier
Joanne Nunn
John Armstrong
Kerry Carroll
Leighton Jay
Liz Dutton
Maria Ferreira
Matthew Ellis
Paul Jay
Peter Hall
Scott Harry
Shzan Plandowski

Resource Design and Developers

Leanne Pearman
Libby Ellis
Marguerite Visser
Su-Hsien Lee
Susan Stanford

Behind the scenes

Angelique Gerber (filmmaker)
Janine Marace-Realeza (graphic designer)
Katy Gagliardi (learning resource
Maria Doyle (online content development
Michael Clarke (filmmaker)

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