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An Introduction to Finding, Hiring and Managing your Team

An Introduction to Finding, Hiring and Managing your Team

Welcome to the first module of the Be a Boss Course!

In this introductory module, we are going to cover:

1.1 What is your ‘Why’ for finding, hiring and managing workers?
1.2 Recognising the ‘legal stuff’
1.3 Feeling more confident with the course.

By the end you will hopefully be on your way and feeling confident to get the most out of this eight part resource.


Workbook Activity: Complete Activity 1 (Parts A & B) in your workbook

Overview of Be a Boss




After using this program, we believe you will feel more confident and knowledgeable about Self Managing.

We hope you will be clear about who you are looking to work for you, about the law, about good employer practices and about where you can find help when you need it.

In a nutshell, we hope you feel more confident you can have supports that work for you in order to live your life.




Considering your "Why"?

Workbook Activity: Complete Activity 2 (Part A & B) in your workbook

Maggie and Paul talk about self managing

Overview of Legal Considerations

Workbook Activity: Complete Activity 3A and 3B in your workbook

How to get the most out of Be a Boss

Workbook Activity: Complete Activity 4 & 5 in your workbook.


These extra videos by Self Managers themselves will give you insights and tips about self managing!

Tips from a Self Manager

Why I Self Manage

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