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Being and Keeping Safe

Being and Keeping Safe

Do you want to know how to be and keep safe?

In this module, we are going to cover how to:

8.1 Recognise what keeps people safe
8.2 Recognise how to stay safe during the recruitment process
8.3 Recognise what high quality means with your supports and services
8.4 Know where and how to get more information and support

You can assess if what is happening in your life and home is working well and that the supports you have are high quality.


Workbook Activity: Complete Activity 1 in your workbook

Feeling Safe

Keeping Safe

Activity: Complete Activity 2 in your workbook




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Safety when Recruiting

Activity: Complete Activity 3 in your workbook

High Quality Support

Activity: Complete Activity 4 in your workbook

Activity: Complete Activity 5 in your workbook

Shzan on Bullying

More About Harm and What to do


Congratulations! If you've done all the modules, this was the last one!

We hope you learned lots and feel more confident about self managing.

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