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Advertising, Interviewing and Offering a Job

Advertising, Interviewing and Offering a Job

Do you want to know where to look for the right workers and how to recruit successfully?

In this module, we are going to cover how to:

6.1 Choose your preferred ways to search for workers
6.2 Create your advertising materials
6.3 Design your interview process
6.4 Undertake all the checks and balances
6.5 Create your job offer and welcome

You can find sample job advertisements, interview questions and ideas for where you can look for workers.


Workbook Activity: Complete "Activity 1: Beginning Reflection" in your workbook

Where to Look and Advertise for Workers

Workbook Activity: Complete Activity 2 in your workbook.

What to consider when Advertising

Activity: Complete Activity 3 in your workbook

Designing you Interview Process

Conducting an Interview

Workbook Activity: Complete Activity 4 in your workbook

More ideas on interviews - Hope's example

Workbook Activity: Go to Activity 5 in your workbook

Interview Questions

Workbook Activity: Complete Activity 6 in your workbook

Checks and References

Workbook Activity: Complete Activity 7 in your workbook.

Extra Videos

Please find to follow a few extra videos by Self Managers themselves.

Different Ways

Tips for Interiewing

Reflections and Next Steps

Workbook Activity: Complete Activity 8 in your workbook

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