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All about Employees

All about Employees

What do you need to know if you have an employee?

In this module, we are going to cover how to:

4.1 Better understand what Industrial Relations means and how it applies to you and your employees
4.2 Better understand your obligations when it comes to your employees’ income Tax liability
4.3 Better understand your Superannuation obligations
4.4 Better understand Workers’ Compensation insurance
4.5 Identify key documents you may need.



Workbook Activity: Complete "Activity 1: Beginning Reflection" in your workbook.

Please note: Self managers across Australia need to understand all these legal areas.

However, each State or Territory has their own Industrial Relations, Workers' Compensation and Health and Safety laws. The information in this module about these areas of law is for people in Western Australia only. If you live outside Western Australia, please check the laws in your own State or Territory.  Only Taxation and Superannuation laws apply nationally.


Industrial Relations - Western Australia Law ONLY

Type of Employee

Workbook Activity: Complete Activity 2: Industrial Relations in your workbook.

Activity: Complete Activity 3: Case Study in your workbook.

Rates of Pay

Workbook Activity: Complete Activity 4, 5 & 6 in your workbook.

Taxation - National Law

Workbook Activity: Complete Activity 7 in your workbook.

Superannuation - National Law

Workbook Activity: Go to Activity 8 in your workbook

Workers' Compensation - Western Australian Law ONLY

Workbook Activity: Complete Activity 9 in your workbook

Due to changes to the State Industrial Relations Act, new sample contracts are being developed. Please watch this space!

Employee Contracts, other documents; Reflections and Next Steps

Workbook Activity: Complete Activity 10 & 11 in your workbook.

Screencast Videos

The videos below are "screencasts" where we will show you where to find certain documents and how to complete certain processes or applications. We hope you will find them very useful!

Application to Register a PAYG account

Tax File Number Declaration Form

Applying for ABN Pay As You Go Branch

Australian Taxation Office Tax Tables

Online Tax Withheld Calculator

Annual Reporting to the Australian Taxation Office

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