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My Life, Your Life, Our Life – Individualised Living

Creating Home is the term used to describe a range of ways to support people in a way that has the greatest benefits – real people connecting, supporting and sharing their lives.

WA has a strong history of exploring and supporting new ways to promote peoples’ choice, control and ability to determine and direct their own lives. Across the state, Creating Home has been an approach that people have been using for more than 10 years with a lot of success. It offers assistance or support, as well as real connections and relationships.

Creating Home aims to match the way relationships naturally work and develop. Creating Home is about sharing your lives. There are benefits to both parties – the people who need support and the people offering support. Both parties have lives to share and experiences to offer. This gives everyone a chance to have great experiences and a better life. People who share their lives and their homes talk about the good things it brings to their own lives and their families.

People who share their lives and their homes regularly report the great benefits to their own lives and their families.

The home is a place where people can develop mutual relationships. They are accepted and included as a valued member of the household and take part in the life of the support person (and their family, where applicable).

Creating Home can give you new opportunities and everyday life experiences that you might not have had in other support arrangements. Live in Supporters can also have new experiences because of the relationship with the person they are supporting.

Creating Home is not a:

  • placement for a person with disability to make sure they have somewhere to live
  • hostel or group service
  • place where paid support workers come and go according to a work roster
  • place where people are not included in each other’s lives
  • group home for people with disability and carers who live there
  • place where someone with complex needs is not included
  • place where someone’s needs are met according to the service options that
    are available.

If you want to know more about Creating Home, including how it might work, contact us on (08) 9481 0101.

Use the links below to download the resource.  Plain Language and Easy Read versions are also available.

My Life Your Life Our Life

My Life Your Life Our Life (Plain Language Version)

My Life Your Life Our Life (Easy Read Version)

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