People living their lives

Getting a Life, not just a Service…

There are a range of ways people are living their life, as citizens in community


There are many ways that we all live our lives. We all need support, but some of us might need a little more than others. Sometimes, this extra support is by utilising formal supports.

When people may have formal supports, they can choose to manage their own supports and services themselves, in part with an organisation, or co-ordinated and managed completely by an organisation.

To be in control, or to direct your own support, does not mean having to manage and be responsible for all tasks and funding – it means being heard and respected as a unique individual with preferences about how and who should offer you support. It means having a say in designing your support. It does not mean having to be responsible for all of the tasks if this doesn’t suit you or your lifestyle. Share Managed Self Managed Organisation Managed

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