Our WAiS work

WAiS is a member based organisation working in partnership with people, families, service providers and government to promote and advance individualised self directed supports and services.

WAiS seeks to do this though:

  • Policy and Strategy
  • Capacity Building
  • Information and Resources
  • Creativity and Innovation 

WAiS provides information, support, mentoring/coaching to people with a disability/psycho social disability, their families and service providers across a range of areas related to Individualised Services and Self Directed Support.

  • Creating Home
    • Understanding Individualised Services
    • Self Direction
    • Person Centredness
    • Service Design
    • Positive behaviour support
  • Planning
    • Understanding Planning approaches
    • Preparing to Plan
    • Facilitating Planning
  • Supported Decision Making
    • Principles and Practice
    • Positive approach to Risk
  • Choosing a Service Provider
    • Models of Management
    • Models of Support
    • Questions to ask
  • Recruiting for Individualised Supports
    • Creating a team culture
    • Recruitment strategies
    • Induction/Training/Supervising
  • Employing /Engaging your own Supports 
    • Understanding the legal and technical responsibilities related to engaging your own staff
      • Industrial Relations
      • Taxation
      • Superannuation
      • Workers Compensation
      • Occupational Health and Safety

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