Knowing the person and planning as an element for building decision making capability

Leanne speaks about one of the elements of support which builds decision making capability – Genuine person centred planning.

Understanding a person’s will and preferences

Michelle talks about making sure it is the Decision Maker’s will and preferences directing the decision making process and that our assumptions are not limiting what is possible.

Knowing the person as fundamental to interpreting their preferences

One of the most consistent findings of supported decision making research conducted all over the world is that knowing the person is essential to being able to provide good decision making support.

Respecting a person’s will and preferences

As a decision supporter it is important you respect and champion a person’s will and preferences but that doesn’t mean acting on whatever the person says they want without further exploration.

Exploring and enabling risk

Many of the things we achieve in life and are proud of involve taking risks. We want to make sure the people we support have those same opportunities and are well supported to take risks.

Creating opportunities

Every decision making process starts with a decision opportunity. Some opportunities are created when a person interacts with others.

Getting to know the person

In developing good relationships with people we each share information about ourselves to deepen our understanding of each other.

Understanding a person’s communication

The importance of understanding a person’s communication in order to support their decision making.

Communication Passport

A communication passport gives information about a person, their likes, dislikes and things you can do to understand their communication.