Supported Decision Making Foundations Video Reflection Guide

Use this guide to progress your learning as you watch these nine short videos by Dr Michelle Browning.

A more inclusive way forward

Dr Michelle Browning sets the scene for a series of videos about supported decision making. We are all connected to each other, and that connection is important for our wellbeing and survival. This idea of connection and interdependence is challenging how we think about decision making.

What is supported decision making?

Michelle defines what we’re talking about. Supported decision making is the process of providing practical assistance with decision making.

Aims of supported decision making

Check out the two very important aims of supported decision making.

Decision support is a right

Hear about the legal and human rights context of supported decision making.

Rethinking capacity

“Different decision-making abilities can be turned into decision-making capabilities with appropriate decision making supports.” Michael Bach and Lana Kerzner 2010

A different starting point

Hear how the social model of disability changes the starting point for thinking about supported decision making.

Assuming decision making ability

Assuming decision making ability is one of the foundational beliefs of supported decision making.

Understanding will and preferences

A person’s will and preferences are the basis for supporting their decisions.

Knowing as fundamental to interpreting preferences

Knowing a person is essential to being able to interpret their preferences.