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Our Constitution

Our WAiS Constitution

The objects of our Association are to:

  1. Provide a clear and coherent voice for individualised services and individuals within the community services sector.
  2. Share resources and techniques amongst Members that consolidate and enhance individualised services delivery; to include advocacy, education, provision of information and other practical support;
  3. Educate others about individualised services through conferences, workshops, information, advice and resources;
  4. Provide agency-to-agency mentoring for emerging individualised services;
  5. Publish position papers, respond to position papers published by others and make submissions on behalf of its Members;
  6. Influence government policies that have the potential to impact on individualised services;
  7. Lobby government, the community and the broader sector to expand the range and number of individualised services through leadership and advice to the sector on individualised services;
  8. Support and contribute to research into individualised services.


Membership of the Association is open to Individuals and Organisations who are:

(a) committed to self-direction and individualised supports and services (Individuals);

(b) committed to practicing self-direction and individualised supports and services

(Organisations); and

(c) endorse and actively promote the Objects of Association.

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