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Shannon’s Story

Shannon's Story is a planning activity book for First Nations young people and their families to help prepare for the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

It is has been co-designed with and by First Nations people. It is hard copy activity book, in which young people can write, draw, and place stickers.

If you want to print the book yourself, or for people you know, we suggest you print it on thick paper (250 gsm). For the stickers, we suggest you print on the full sheets of 'label' paper and cut the stickers to size needed on the relevant pages. Alternatively, you can contact us, and we can print it for you at only the cost of the printing.

You can download for printing, a copy of Shannon's Story below, together with a separate document of stickers.

If you would like a hard copy of the booklet, please email us at [email protected]


The key contributors to the design and development of this resource:

Evelyn McKay (a WAiS team member) is a proud Noongar woman with connections from both south and north of Western Australia. Her Grandmother is a Bibbulmun Wadandi woman from Bunbury Picton. Her Grandfather is a Yamatiji man from Northampton. Evelyn is the founder of Be My Koorda, an Aboriginal support group for parents and their children with autism and ADHD. Evelyn is passionate about her family and Aboriginal mob getting help for mental health and disability.

Susan Stanford (a WAiS team member) has experience living and working with First Nations people in rural towns and remote communities.  She lead a 2015/16 statewide project to develop resources with and for Aboriginal people about the elimination of restrictive practices.


Shannon Hart-Cole is a 22 year old Indigenous man born in Subiaco, Perth from the tribal lands of Kaniyang, Collie South of Western Australia. He is an acclaimed, independent hip-hop artist, musician and beatmaker. He is also an influencer and ambassador for indigenous youth and has performed and hosted workshops across Australia. Click here for more about Shannon’s music and click here for Shannon’s video story.

Darren Stockwell is a descendent of the Wiradjuri people of the western plains of New South Wales. He’s lived in Western Australia for the past thirty years. He is a painter, photographer and digital artist, creating hybrid images from all three sources. A number of his images have been used throughout this book. Darren sees his contribution to others through art as a way for people to reflect and connect with their own story.

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