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About WAiS

WA’s Individualised Services was created with a vision of “People living their lives their way”.

We are a small, member-based organisation. We support people, families and service providers to understand, design and develop supports and services that are:

  • individualised
  • self-directed.

We do this by giving people:

  • information
  • advice
  • mentoring
  • coaching.

Through our individual and service provider memberships and our WAiS work, we also seek to provide strategic advice to Government. We do this as Australia moves towards big changes to funding of supports for people with disability, including people with psycho-social disability.

WAiS has a growing member community of:

  • people with disability, including people with psycho-social disability
  • families
  • supporters – paid and unpaid
  • service providers.

We all stand together in our commitment to support people to have good lives as citizens of our community. We do this by leading the way with individualised services.

We encourage people and providers to join us as members.

The WAiS Team

Our WAiS team is a group of people who may:

  • have a disability
  • love, care for or support someone with a disability
  • have a lot of experience working in the areas of disability or mental health.

Each person on the team offers something unique and personal to our organisation. This in turn assists us in the work that we do locally, nationally and internationally.

The WAiS Committee of Management

WAiS would not be able to achieve so much without the support and leadership shown by our experienced and hard-working Committee of Management.

We encourage and support individual members to nominate to be part of our WAiS Committee of Management.

We take nominations to join our committee at our Annual General Meeting in October. We are happy to receive expressions of interest from our individual members. Please contact WAiS for more information.

What Does WAiS Offer?

WAiS is committed to supporting people to live the lives they want. We offer information and support to people and organisations who are committed to progressing individualised, self-directed supports and services.

WAiS believes that, by working together we can create system change and support people to live their lives, their way.

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