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Organisational Culture

Organisational Culture

It is impossible to over-emphasise the importance of organisational culture for service organisations in any industry. It is well known that culture has a profound influence on many aspects of organisational life and success. It is built, maintained and/or transformed by very intentional, deliberate and conscious decisions and actions. Organisational leaders, including Board members, have primary responsibility for actively creating, influencing and monitoring culture.

As a leader, if you are not actively leading your organisation’s culture, you cannot expect others to buy into the culture you want to create. In this module, we briefly discuss organisational culture in general before focusing on it in the context of Shared Management.

Extra Resources

Tom Nerney Story

The H Factor

There are many aspects of organisational life that reflect your culture and exert some level of influence on it. Adequately addressing cultural issues or problems requires time, dedicated attention and often some outside assistance. The H Factor is a boutique consultancy organisation that has developed a systematic approach to assisting organisations to develop and maintain healthy cultures. The resources and processes they have developed enable organisations to respond effectively to a range of presenting problems while simultaneously addressing deeper issues. We have selected a few of their short articles that focus on some common issues.

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