Supported Decision Making

People need to be able to exercise their rights. Our focus as supporters moves from asking whether a person has legal capacity or not, to asking what support does a person need.

When people need support with communication and decision making, in the past it's been seen as their problem.

The social model of disability says that the 'problem' is with the environment around the person. We can change the things in the environment which make it hard for people to make their own decisions and lead their own lives. We can give people the support they need to make decisions and lead their lives.

Come and explore

  • What is meant by supported decision making
  • The beliefs and skills of an effective decision supporter
  • Some resources that can help you in your role as a supporter

Cost: $30.  If the cost of the ticket prevents you being able to attend, please contact us on 9481 0101 or email us [email protected]

When: 13 September 2023

Time: 10am - 2pm. Lunch is included

Where: Bendat Centre, 36 Dodd Street Wembley Western Australia

To register: Click here

For more information: Call 9481 0101