Did you know we hold a monthly online chat for people and families to learn all about the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission?!

Our next session is coming up on Wednesday 13th October!
Are you a person with disability or a family member or carer? ⁠
Are you in the NDIS? ⁠
Have you heard about the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission?⁠
Are you wondering: ⁠
• how it will affect you and your family? ⁠
• how to make a complaint about your service provider? ⁠
• what you need to know about behaviour support and ⁠restrictive practices? ⁠
• what is the NDIS Worker Screening?⁠
Bring a coffee and join WAiS for an informal chat where you can ask about all things NDIS Commission.⁠
You can register for whichever date suits you best by clicking the button below.
For more information call the WAiS office on 9481 0101 or email admin@waindividualisedservices.org.au .⁠