Individualised Services


Individualised Services are about people living good lives, which include the things in life that are important to all of us. These include having genuine and reciprocal relationships, a sense of belonging, contributing to our home, work and community, and most of all, being respected and valued.

Individualised Services are lead and designed by the person, and their allies, to where the persons culture, choice and values are genuinely seen and reflected in those services.

Principles of Individualised Services

1. Individual Focus
The services are highly individualised and supports the person to live their life in the ways they choose.

2. Personalised Planning
The person’s voice is primary and central in the design and planning process and is supported, where possible, by those who know the person well and care most about them.

3. Reflects the Person
The services reflects the persons needs, circumstances, preferences, values, cultural identity and aspirations.

4. Typical Life
The services reflects a typical life course and pattern, where the person does the ordinary things that other people do in their homes and the community.

5. Personal Development
The services contribute to personal growth of the person in areas such as advocacy, independence, self-determination, skills development and valued roles at home and in the community.

6. Personal Control
The services are directed by the person and the persons allies who are closest to them.

7. Enhances Natural Supports
The services complement and enhances, rather than supplants, the natural supports that the person receives from family, friends, neighbours, community groups and advocates.

8. Ensures Flexibility
The services are flexible and responds to life and circumstance changes.

Individualised Services are intentional about not grouping people together because of disability, service system ease or for financial viability.


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