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Engaging your own Supports

This resource is for people who live in Western Australia who have decided to privately hire their own support persons for the purpose of providing them with supports and services.

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Hiring your own Supports

Follow the links below to view our practical resources to assist people making key decisions regarding employing their own supports. Note that we have Easy Read versions available as well.

Employee or Contractor

Easy Read Version (Employee of Contractor)

What type of Employee do you have

Easy Read Version (What type of Employee do you have)

Employee Checklist

Easy Read Version (Employee Checklist)

Contractor Checklist

Easy Read Version (Contractor Checklist)

Preparing to Plan Resource Guide and Card Set

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 11.58.36 am

These resources have been designed and developed to support people and families to think about some things that may be helpful when planning. They are a set of 10 cards, with an accompanying booklet. The booklet has some information about using the cards, and also can be used to write notes down for each card set section.

The Pre-Planning Resources are NOT meant to be a replacement for Person Centred Planning. The resources can be used to complement person centred planning approaches

The resources were funded by the WA Disability Services Commission through the National Disability Services WA as part of a Quality Service Improvement Grant. Please note that WAiS is currently working on developing another 5 set of cards to add to this resource in the areas of Health, Education, Spirituality, Therapy and Safety.

WAiS is happy to offer some support and training around using these cards if necessary.

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New Planning Resources

Great Things About Me

Important People to Me

My Gifts

Conversations With My Planner

My Goals and Aspirations

This is Me

Planning for a Good Life

Ways People Live

Management Options Info-sheet

There are three different options to choose from to manage your NDIS plan. To determine which option is right for you we’ve developed an info-sheet that shows the differences between the three. We have also translated this resource into several different languages, please choose the option below most appropriate for yourself, or your family.

Supported Decision Making      

Supported decision making is a term used to refer to a range of practices whereby people with disabilities are assisted to make or implement their own decisions.

Please see our project resources below:

Supported Decision Making – all 4 Booklets in One

Supported Decision Making Project resources – Getting to know the Person

Supported Decision Making Project Resources – Supporting Decision Making

Supported Decision Making Project Resources – Good Assistance

Supported Decision Making Project Resources – Understanding the Persons Communication

 Click here for the videos made with this project


My Life, Your Life, Our Life: A Guide for  Flat-mates, Homesharers & Co-Residents

‘I want to share my life with people who matter to me, people I know care about me, like a family or very close friends.

After all, what’s life if you have no one to share it with?’

My Life Your Life Our Life

Plain Language – WAiS My Life Your Life Our Life

Easy Read WAiS My Life Your Life Our Life

The Shared Management Guide  

The Shared Management Guide Project, aimed to increase individuals, families and the sectors capacity to successfully offer and utilise self and shared management. Key outcomes of the project include the launch of the Shared Management Resource; ‘A guide for Support Organisations exploring Shared Management’, as well as significant progress with the Australian Tax Office to clarify some grey areas in the legal and technical aspects such as the Private and Domestic exemption and in Care Reimbursement.  This resource continues to evolve as relevant legal or regulatory considerations change in regard to delivering Individualised Services. The WAiS Shared Management Guide is now  available for download.   

Shared Management Guide

Shared Management Guide

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