WAiS (and the disability community) knows there is a critical shortage of accessible housing for many people across our community, and in particular for people with disability.

This year, the Australian Building Code Board (ABCB) is going to be considering the inclusion of minimum accessibility standards for housing in the 2022 National Construction Code (NCC).
The Building Better Homes Campaign is determined to see minimum accessibility standards included in the National Building Code, ensuring the Code meets the needs of all Australians.

WAIS supports this campaign, and we encourage you to consider supporting it too.
Here is a link to the petition http://chng.it/Ff7qP5VxJ2 and here is the link to the Building Better Homes website https://www.buildingbetterhomes.org.au/index.html

Here is also a link to listen to what other people are saying about the campaign https://www.buildingbetterhomes.org.au/media.html