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Introduction to Planning

Introduction to Planning

In this section, you will start to take this big idea of Planning and make it real in your life. We ask some questions to get you thinking about your life at the moment. You can use the Getting Started manual to record your ideas. The Manual will help you decide which Planning Areas you want to explore.

Click the link below to download the workbook for this module. Remember to download and save the PDF to your own computer before you write in it to save your work.

My Planning Experience

In this video, a woman describes what it meant for her to go through a person-centred planning experience.

Introducing The Card Sets

Throughout this course, you are going to find a series of card sets to help you think through what you need to have the life you want. The video below explores one Mum's experience of using the card sets

A Planning Conversation

In this video, Leanne and Davina ask each other some good questions to explore what they like about their lives, where they want to go and what they can do to support each other to get there.

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