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Planning Area 6 – Sports and Recreation

Planning Area 6 – Sports and Recreation

We have the right to take part in the arts, sports and leisure.

Sport and recreation can enrich our lives and open new doors of meaning and enjoyment. There's room for everyone as a participant, a fan or volunteer!

In this planning area, you will explore the kinds of things you might like to try, and your role as a sportsperson, participant, volunteer, fan or a mix. You will have the opportunity to create some next steps and also think about the support you will need to take these steps.

"My Sports and Recreation" Workbook

Click the link below to download the workbook for this planning area. Remember to download and save the PDF to your own computer before you write in it to save your work.

Using the Card Sets

Watch the video below to see how Kristen uses the card set to explore Sport & Recreation.

More Resources on "Sports and Recreation"

Click the link below for more resources on this planning area.

The Original Planning Card Set

Click the link below to download the original planning cards for this planning area

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