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Planning Area 11 – Safety

Planning Area 11 – Safety

It is important for all of us to be safe. Feeling safe means feeling good, calm and happy at home, at the places we go, and with the people we see.

In this planning area, you can make a plan for your safety. Planning for safety helps you and the people who care about you, feel better.

You will be able to consider things in your home, in your relationships, when you are using the internet, with doctors and hospitals, with medication, with thinking about emergencies like a fire and who are the trusted people in your life.

"My Safety" Workbook

Click the link below to download the workbook for this planning area. Remember to download and save the PDF to your own computer before you write in it to save your work.

More Resources on "Safety"

Click the link below for more resources on this planning area.

The Original Planning Card Set

Click the link below to download the original planning cards for this planning area

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