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Planning Area 8 – Equipment and Technology

Planning Area 8 – Equipment and Technology

Equipment and technology can be vital to participate in the things that are important to you, and to maintain independence.

In this planning area, you will think about equipment and technology you need across different parts of your life.

You can pick and choose what is relevant to you and start to develop your own list of things you want to learn more about or have in your life. This planning area also helps you think through the right specialist advice and support.

"My Equipment and Technology" Workbook

Click the link below to download the workbook for this planning area. Remember to download and save the PDF to your own computer before you write in it to save your work.

If you want to know more about Equipment and Technology, you might want to check out the Indigo and the AT Chat team. There are a range of videos, here is one of them about Home technology

The Original Planning Card Set

Click the link below to download the original planning cards for this planning area

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