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Planning Area 5 – Work

Planning Area 5 – Work

We have the equal right to work, and to earn a decent living. Everyone can work and how it looks can be very different for different people.

In this planning area, you will explore the sorts of things you would like to do for work. You will have the opportunity to create some next steps and also think about the support you will need to take these steps

'My Work' Workbook

Click the link below to download the workbook for this planning area.

Remember to download and save the PDF to your own computer before you write in it to save your work.

Check out the video below to see how Conrad uses the card set to discuss work.

Using the Card Sets

The video below shows how Medgee uses the braille version of the
card sets for Work and Who Am I?

Call WAiS on 08 9481 0101 if you would like to access a braille version of any of the card sets


More Resources on "My Work"

Click the link below for more resources on this planning area.

The Original Planning Card Set

Click the link below to download the planning cards for this planning area

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